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Calzoni Hydraulic Motors

Radial Piston Motors

The Calzoni radial piston motors are designed for superior performance and used in low speed-high torque (LSHT) applications. These motors are found in applications throughout the world. They are available in an extremely wide displacement range, 33cc 23,033cc and are pressure rated to 3,600psi continuous and 4,350psi intermittent.
The unique patented rotary motion design is achieved by use of a rotary valve and telescoping cylinder (piston) movement. The shaft contains an eccentric lobe and is rotated by a pressurized column of oil contained within telescoping cylinders. The cylinders seal against the eccentric lobe and actually push the shaft as they pressurize and extend. The rotary valve is a precise timing system that is pressure balanced and self compensating for thermal expansion. Coupled together, the rotary valve and telescoping cylinders produce a motor with extremely high mechanical and volumetric efficiency.

Calzoni Radial Piston Motors MR, MRE, MRV, MRVE, MRT, MRTE, MRFT Series

Displacement Sizes:
MR, MRE: 33cc - 8,200cc; fixed displacement
MR, MRDE: 300cc - 8,200cc; dual displacement
MRV, MRVE: 450cc - 8,200cc; variable displacement
MRT, MRTE, MRFT: 7,100 - 23,033cc; fixed displacement

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